About Rachael

I’m Rachael and Lovely To Meet Me is my lifestyle and travel blog.

I am a freelance journalist and blogger with a firm foot in the media industry. When I’m not at my day job at Independent.ie, you could find me anywhere.

From Aisa to the US, Europe to the right here in the Emerald Isle, I am a ‘wanderluster’ true and true. I regularly document the highs and the lows of travelling, and always aim to be 100% honest about whatever experience I am having. I feel strongly that we all have a responsibilty to not lead anyone in to believe that life is better than it really is, including while we travel. Sometimes things get hard or the places you end up are not as ‘Insta fab’ as you might have expected. I like to keep things real and share those moments too. Saying that, if I’m happy and loving life, I’m more than happy to shout that from the roof tops too.

I also hava a huge passion for health and fitness and I try to be an advocate for the ever growing trend of healthy living and cooking. With five years of previous experience working as a personal trainer, I am able to bring a certain level of knowledge to my fitness and healthy eating posts.

When it comes to fashion and style I have a love for all things vintage, retro and fun. I adore bold prints and if there is even a hint of faux fur to be seen then it has my name written all over it. I believe that no outfit is complete without healthy skin and hair, and I regularly share my thoughts and experiences with both online.

Want to get in touch? You can always reach me on Instagram, @lovelytomeetme I love hearing from you guys! Alternatively you can email lovelytomeetme@gmail.com or contact using the form below.

Written with love,