Sneaky cocktails & a world without them

If you read my blog a few months ago, you may remember I spoke about my decision to give up alcohol.

You can read about it HERE.

Admitting that fact got quite a reaction at the time. A researcher from a popular radio station even contacted me!


Us Irish tend to get mildly offended by our stereotype, but that just goes to show what a big deal drinking is in our country.

Elsewhere, a non drinker my age would just be normal. But here, where the native word for whiskey (Uisce beatha) literally translates into the words ‘water of life’, it’s newsworthy.

Against the grain

I got asked yesterday if I ever feel pressure to get wasted when I travel, and if I ever deal with feelings of missing out.

Being asked about the impact on my life, from someone I’m guessing is trying the similar path, reminded me that if it is something you decide to do in Ireland, it can feel like you are going against the grain.

One of the best examples I can think of, was when I was at a party earlier this year. My fellow guests were more shocked by my not drinking, than they were by a friend announcing her elopement!

You’re choosing not to drink under your own free will? Are you pregnant? What?!

Change is good

I don’t feel like I’m missing out. My idea of fun has changed a lot since starting this “journey” (I’m using quotes here because I am aware of how cheesy that sounds).

I imagine it must be similar for people when they have kids, as in things change and you learn to enjoy life in a new way.

Different can still be fun.


I’ve had lots of questions like the following one over the last few weeks: ‘You’re telling me you didn’t have a sneaky cocktail in a beach bar in Thailand?’

One of my friends asked me that the other day, full sure I was going to say yes.

Well, nope.

We were too busy for a start! Always planning the next thing to do or plane to catch. Getting drunk would have actually been a major inconvenience. We didn’t have time to be hungover! LOL.

  • SIDE NOTE: We still enjoyed cocktails by the beach – it was just minus the mood enhancement. I love you sweet delicious mocktails!

Life is for living

My life hasn’t stopped just because of this change, I am outgoing and social in other ways.

I still got to do everything I wanted to do in Asia. I got to meet and befriend some lovely people.

I also got to be brave, I did things that made me uncomfortable and afraid – it was a real adventure. There was no loss, except for my appetite in certain places!

There is a belief out there, that life must be super boring without nights out to look forward to, but life is what you make it.

It’s up to you to create the world that you want to live in. That goes for everyone – with or without alcohol.

Live and let live

I’m not saying that everyone should give up drinking and I certainly don’t judge anyone for it or expect them not to do it around me.

I just like my life better this way, I’m happier and far less anxious. I will say that it is the first thing I would recommend for anyone who deals with anxiety – I could do a whole post on that alone!

I’ll wrap this up by simply saying life is good and it’s for living. Whatever that means to you, what ever it takes – be happy.

Lots of people got in touch back in September with questions and thoughts and I loved hearing from everyone, so please feel free to reach out if it’s something you would like to chat about. I’m always here..

Written with love,


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