Stop comparing your life

I know that Instagram can make you feel terrible sometimes. You go online and all you see are people in places you’ve never been, doing things you’ve never done. You can end up feeling like you’re missing out and that everyone else is doing life so much better than you are.

It’s a total first world problem, I know, but that’s the world we live in.

Maybe you have kids and a ‘jetsetter’ lifestyle isn’t feasible for you at the minute. Perhaps you are saving for a house or a wedding which means everything else has to take a back seat. Maybe it’s not even really your thing but you question whether it should be since it seems to be all anyone else posts about.

Social media can lead us down a path of constantly comparing our lives to others, which can be exhausting (and disheartening) if we let it.

For me, beauty bloggers occasionally leave me feeling like I’m missing a trick.

I have ONE makeup look that I go to. I’ve been doing the same one for the last 10 years (ever since I gave up my black kohl eyeliner!! Ladies – how morto were we back in 2008?! 🤣) and I haven’t ventured away from that go-to look ever since.

Adventurous, I know!

So when I see these beautiful and talented women on instagram, who are masters in the art of makeup, sometimes I can’t help but feel like I am not doing enough.

I see their profiles and content and I feel like I should be making a bigger effort.

As in, to my face!!

I should really know how to do this stuff too right?!…


When I start to feel like that I swiftly have to remind myself that I don’t need to put myself under pressure to be ‘the girl with the make-up’ if that isn’t who I am.

Just like someone else doesn’t need to be the person who travels all the time.

Or the person who owns the wardrobe of designer cloths.

Or the person who goes to the gym every single day.

Or the person who takes killer selfie every time. (How do they do it?!)

Or the person who is a certain size.

Or the person with the perfect house or car.

Or maybe, & this is a loaded one, maybe they don’t need to be the person with the children? I often think there must be lots of people out there who see parenting content online, featuring beautiful families, who end up feeling pressure for one reason or another.

My point is a simple one – live your life the best way that suits you and try not allow anyone else’s online performance (because let’s face it, that’s what it is at the end of the day) make you feel like you’re doing it all wrong.

Remember that behind every ‘perfect post’ is a real life. A life that no doubt isn’t as sparkly as it looks online. I love the photo I used for this blog post, but what you can’t see is that I now have some tiny scars on my feet from (stupidly!) climbing to that point in flip flops! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I couldn’t walk comfortably for days after that climb. That’s not so perfect!

Our very own Oscar Wilde said it best – “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Written with love,



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